3D printed Tonearm on Braun PCS5

Here's the completed Braun PCS5 project. A friend gave me the table but it ran fast here in the USA. I designed and printed a subplatter ring to make its diameter larger to slow the rpm's and also switched to a thread belt that dropped a little of it as well. Speed was 40.2rpm when set at 33-1/3rpm because motor is 50Hz and runs fast under 60Hz power. It now runs at 33.7rpm. THEN I reworked the headshell (not at all easy) with the help a turntable/tonearm making friend so it accepts cartridges more easily. THEN I designed 2 self-standing tonearms, a 9" and a 10.5", in Cheetah and 3D printed them on a FlashForge Finder 3D printer. Hand worked some brass parts, threaded printed parts for grub screws, assembled and wired it up and spinning records on it today for the first time. This arm is easy to move from table to table and it adjusts in height t accommodate my other idler, a Neat Shield MO-19 from 1965 - that's where the 10.5" arm is going. This 1962 Braun idler table has astounding stability and dynamics... might be the best sounding of my 5 tables... and have some great ones. Thanks Martin, Cheetah3d made it all possible, well, it and a lot of blood, sweat and tears!


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