Cheetah Character Sketches, NSFW?

I got a lot of texture work done today...
This was a basic Cheetah render with a single distant light, no shadows or radiosity and an ambient light. Samples are really low as well. I did test this new version out in VR and it looks pretty much the same as it does here.
Another hurdle down...
My first actual walk cycle. It's not perfect nor is it done, but I am happy with the results so far. I also got everything ingame without issue.(y)

I was just playing around with iMovie there. There is no Project Nil. Other than testing that is.

More to come.
Thanks Bob!

Aye, the character and animations are the only only things I have done in Cheetah3D so far. (in this video anyway) The environment is all engine supplied content. I plan on making environment content after I finish up the characters and animations. Convincing animations are going to the the biggest hurdle for me by far. After that, it's all down hill.

In between animation tests I did a little modeling as well. This is needed for the next set of animations.
No texture yet, but I am not sure I am going for a highly details FPS game for a first project. I think I am going to start with a 3D isometric style game first. The artwork needed and therefore my workload will be drastically reduced that way. This will work for testing, but I will probably end up reducing the polygon count before I paint it.
I am pretty much done with the lower Jog animation...
Sorry about the quality. I did not feel like uploading a you tube vid just for this.
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I think I am going to call this done...
It still looks a little too smooth, but I am going to see how it looks in game before I get too crazy with tweaks. A lot of times simpler looks better in game because of the extreme repetition.
Now that I have the character moving around in game like it should, I am working on a background/environment. I am not sure what I want to do yet, so more or less just playing with textures. I did model a few things though...
This is all Cheetah. Not much to look at yet, but I just started this tonight. More to come.
Still plugging away.
This is all self created content. (Cheetah3D and Photoshop ) It is simple, but I am testing sizes for snap together objects. Everything snaps together quite easily in the game editor which allows for faster level creation. Now that I have my sizes worked out it is on to the detail models.
It seems the 3d bug really, really got you ...

Do you already have a plan for your game or are you just experimenting away?

No matter what, it certainly looks interesting and well done.
Thanks Hasdrubal!

Aye, the bug really got me. It’s more about just finding the right outlet for my creativity though. I am just having fun creating and learning new things. I guess you could say in the end I would like to create a world or tell a story. Sadly most of the mediums are completely outside of my wheel house.

A novel would be cheaper, but I am more of a visual person. And besides, I aint no good with them there words.
See what I mean?

I am not what you would call an artist either. I have some technical skill, but it’s more from an engineering perspective rather than art. This rules out comics/graphic novels.

A movie would be far too expensive with either real world equipment or virtual content creation.

A simple game though, this might be a possibility. Not for a modern AAA title, but a simple old school RPG/tactical isometric game it is at least possible.

As for what type of game? I know what I would like to do, but it really boils down to what I can do. That is where all of this testing comes into play. My programming and animation knowledge was absolutely zero until about a month ago. Now I have done everything you see in the video above. I am getting excited by all of the possibilities, but I need to keep my ambitions in check if I realistically want to complete something.

Only time will tell.
This rules out comics/graphic novels.
Actually it doesn't. For years graphic novels are created sometimes in 3d, with edge and cel shaders or postwork in illustrator or more specialised apps. There is no reason you couldn't create an astounding, professional looking comic to tell your story.
Actually it doesn't. For years graphic novels are created sometimes in 3d, with edge and cel shaders or postwork in illustrator or more specialised apps. There is no reason you couldn't create an astounding, professional looking comic to tell your story.
This is true. I guess I never really thought about using CG to create a comic. I may have a try at that if the game project falls through. :unsure:

Speaking of which, here is some more programming updates...
Here is the grid system in action along with point and click navigation. That was 3 days worth of work to figure out how to implement that. The sad part was, once I figured it out it was super simple. Only a few lines of code. The UI cursors are all done with Cheetah as well.

I greatly reduced the polygon count of my test pistol. Just shy of 850 tri's including the magazine. I also hand painted a quick bump and texture in Photoshop. Once that was done I baked in some GI lighting. This is a super quick way to create decent looking game content. It might not hold up to a AAA FPS game, but it will be plenty for what I am doing.

I hope to have the pistol animated and in game by the end of the weekend.