Cheetah Character Sketches, NSFW?

I don't really think this needs the NSFW tag, but I figured it would be better to err on the side of caution.

These are just some things I have done in Cheetah over the last few years.
C3Da.jpg Warhammer 40K Autarch.
This was the first character model I did in Cheetah. I never did finish this and I doubt I will, but you never know.

C3Dm.jpg A Vietnam era helicopter pilot eventually to be 3D printed for an RC helicopter.
I am sure I will finish this at some point. I want to test how viable this is to do for RC/scale modelers. There are companies out there that do this sort of thing, but most are canned poser type figures that are not very accurate.

C3Df.jpg HiRes female model
I have a lot of hours into this model. This was started probably 15 years ago. I got my start with 3D modeling using a PC program called Anim8or. Very crude, but it worked. A few years back I pulled the model in Cheetah and plan to clean up the edge loops, give it proper UV's and test more rigging/rendering characters. The end goal is to use this as a sketch reference model.

Everything from pencil sketches, painting, 3D modeling, I love doing this stuff. I just do not have much free time anymore. Hopefully I can get back into the art grove again and find more time.
Thanks gents.

I finally finished up a starting base male and female model.
Both are completely rigged. The models need some more work, but I just wanted to flesh out the proportions for the rigs. That said, they are quite usable as is.

I figured out how to use the IK chains, but far from fully understanding all of the constraint tags. Some seem to work as expected, others not so much.


This was a quick and dirty walk cycle. All done with FK and using a front and side view walk cycle I found online as a reference. I basically "traced" the pose in four different key frames and let the computer interpolate the rest. This was just a quick test to see how things moved, it took about 2-3 hours. I do not really know what I am doing yet, but I am optimistic that I may just be able to craft a few usable animations at some point. If you would have asked me that yesterday I would have thought that impossible.
Did a quick test run.
Reference vs Sketch

And the Final

I did not spend much time on painting. I can do better, but it is plenty good enough to get the point across. Next is to actually model the above in Cheetah. I hope I can get that done this weekend.

More to follow.
Thanks bud.
I finished the base mesh.

No texture yet, just painted polygons. I hope to get the UV's set tomorrow and start painting. I need to do the hair yet as well.
UV's are done and also started the painting...
I am just working on the bump map at the moment. The bump is all hand painted in Photoshop.

Here is a comparison of the base model, bump map only and bump with some color.
The color is just a base coat. No real painting just color filled areas.

I have a long way to go, but it looks pretty good for such a low poly model.

Yes, this is all done with Cheetah. Minus the texture work anyway which is Photoshop. The UV's are mostly auto unwraps with ABF and manually tweaked from there. The seams are all assigned manually. The face was made with 3 flat view UV's that I stitched together after. The ABF Auto unwrap was far to deformed to work with.

I made a little render model base...
Just playing around with materials and render settings. I have also done more detail work on the bump map. Finished the seams on the pants, worked on a lot of little details no one will ever see I am sure. I am going to call the pants done though. On to the next part.

I have been playing with hand painted wrinkle bumps, but I have had no luck yet. It does add depth, but I am just not happy with the results. I will experiment more as I go I am sure, but for now I am putting that on the back burner.


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Nice stuff, thanks for sharing it. I always want to work on some character modeling and poses, but never have time to devote to it. Maybe someday.
Thanks bud.

I hear ya on the time issue. I have been trading my sleep hours in for work hours on these lately. I have been really feeling it the last few days.

Got the boots done today...
I hope I can get the rest of the bump map done this weekend. Maybe even the painting.
Base bump map is pretty much done...
FLUpdate13.jpg FLUpdate12.jpg
The diffuse map is roughed out, but lacks detail. No specular map yet either.
I still have a lot of work to do.
Specular map is pretty much done. I also worked on the diffuse map some more.
I think I am going to make a mask and glasses/goggles for the face. That way I will not have to worry about those details yet. This was only supposed to be a test model anyway. I got a little carried away though.
I made a quick hair model. I also got this working in the game engine.
Had a little fun with iMovie as well.:p

The environment and monster are both stock engine content.
It does not look all that great, but again, this is a relatively low poly count model. The demo character the engine comes with is easily double what I have here. That and the texture map is very basic.

It works though. I am geeked I can actually see a model I built moving around in VR. Now to do something cool...

I can't wait to start digging into this and really create something. I just wanted to make sure it was feasible to do with Cheetah before I got too crazy.