How to bake procedural textures used in PBR materials?

Since procedural textures obviously can’t be automatically exported to a gLTF file if they are used to drive metallic, roughness, AO, and bump maps on a PBR shader, what is the correct set up for baking them each separately to an image file?
I would find this interesting to know as well. I'll have to revisit all the options on the Render Tag and experiment. I don't think you can animate because the baking feature is not available on animations; so the render tag would have to be adjusted manually for each image needed.
You'd animate the tag and then manually bake at different points in the timeline. Pretty kludgy but better than manually setting the tag perhaps.

I guess another option would be a script that changes the tag and fires off renders, although again I'm not sure if you can trigger baking from scripts.