Option to display/edit position in Imperial Units

As much as I would love to live in a metric world, the designers that I work with do not.
I am constantly having to multiply feet by 12 and add in inches when modeling in Cheetah, then scale things again when importing into other software.
I would love it I could keep Cheetah's internal units as the 1 meter per unit standard, but have an option to display and edit them as feet and inches.
It would make my life a whole lot easier.

Thank you for the great software!


PS. An option to display the grid in imperial units would be an added bonus.


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Not sure if that is of any use to you:
* Option 1:
* Regard the standard C3D unit to be equal to 1´/ foot.
* Set the grid spacing to 1/12th (= 0.833), which corresponds to 1" / inch.
* Useless for engineering as you get rounding errors from the 0.83 periodical.

* Option 2:
* Regard the standard C3D unit to be equal to 1" / inch.
* When working on the 1 foot level, set the grid to 12.

* Note that you can use the simple math operators when entering numerals in fields relevant to position, size, etc. So, if you need a box 1x2x3 in feet you can enter 1*12, 2*12 and 3x12 for the dimensions along the X, Y and Z axes. You can even enter 1*12+4 to get 1ft 4in. Of course, this shows as 16.

:unsure: AFAIK, you can define the scale on exporting (menu preferences, tab for files) to fit to any Imperial / US "metrics".


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* Sorry, I probably phrased that misleadingly:
* You can set the raster metrics for snapping in the transform panel. The default is 0.1 and if raster snapping is activated you can enter any numeric value which suits you.
* Option: You can hide the grid in the editor and replace it with a customised foot (fat lines) / inches (thin lines) grid to show USC (US customary) metrics. Save this blank shell as a template (probably set to wireframe or ghosted) and use when required.
* It may take you 10 minutes or so to construct a "dummy" USC grid. Depending on your project you can customise any grid (miles, yards, feet, inches, fractions of inches, ..., lightyears :whistle:).

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 19.12.48.png

* Of course, things get tricky with USC angles.
* I don't even know how many degrees Fahrenheit there are in a right angle :unsure: