Camera properties: Use units known from real-world lenses

I recently ran into "trouble" trying to match real-world footage with C3D set extensions because C3D's camera "field of view" value does not specify a unit.

The typical lens manufacturer will provide an "angle of view" in ° on their spec sheet (but primarily provide a focal length in mm to define the lens's field of view).
C3D is apparently working with half the angle of view*, which I guess makes sense, but does not align well with how camera lens specs are provided.

For the aperture there is a similar "problem": It is not apparent what the aperture size unit is.

It would be beautiful to add fields that indicate (or perhaps also let you type directly) the resulting focal length in mm and aperture size in f.

I remember that Bryce was extremely cool in this regard (back in 2004 when I started my 3D journey), incorporating all sorts of cinema standards in their render settings as well (which are mostly not necessary, but it was a nice feel to work with the same standards in the digital world).

* (I am guessing this - it is not specified in C3D's manual, but my observations when matching footage using a couple of reference points and known distances resulted in what turned out to be half the lens' angle of view)
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