Wish for texture resolution to be much higher than 2024 ...

... as I often render "paintings" and and strange stuff to get a new "reality" to it, for large prints.
Now it does not get the sharpness needed. It blurs on different areas and looks strange.

frank beckmann

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I guess you mean 2048px.
Are your "paintings" are that large in the final image and have you tried to to set Filter: Off for rendering at the texture node?

Yes 2048 =) Thanks for the filter tip, it made my test image a little sharper. And I reacted a little to much because I used the wrong angle of the light than I use to. ( some old "paintings" has rendered well at about 7000 pixels ).
Great to know the difference now with the Filter thing. There are thousands of things I have no idea about in Cheetah =)
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The 2048x2048 limititation is just for the OpenGL 3D preview. The renderers always use the full resolution of the texture.

Which renderer do you use. The Falcon renderer uses a different texture filtering approach which generates sharper renderings than the Cheetah renderer.
It was mostly a misunderstanding from my part, putting together the wrong numbers ( 2048 ) with my wrong lighting.

When using camera or distant light for instance, to get straight lighting on a "painting", the bump map seemed to not be correctly rendered/fit, it got "blurry" ( top image, the others are Cheetah and Falcon rendering the same small part of a painting with a HDRI image as light at an angle that works great ).
So now I have a better understanding why I did my standard misunderstanding =) .