3D Printing and Booleans

While at the moment nobody can help (I just try to avoid such booleans), you give us useful information. Somehow meshmixer escaped successful my attention. So it's good to know that it exists if one has to convert a stl-model into something useful :). Thanks a lot.

(P.S. it's from autodesk and free)

frank beckmann

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Understood. I think what it´d make easier to manage would be some kind of visually object indicator like an outline or something we can verify and alter further. Once we enabled the Booleans we have no longer access to the set up - visually. We have to completely toggle on or of the Boolean-creator/modifier.
I´d suggest to start with a simple Boolean hierarchy adding objects one by one - then delete and start over again to get a grasp of these powerful tools. Starting over is a key to success in my eyes.