Selectively apply modifiers

Selectively apply modifiers

When I do make editable on an object, all modifiers are applied. This is mildly annoying.

Often I start with half a model with the symmetry and subdivision tags applied. Then when I'm happy with the model, I apply the symmetry tag.

I know I can drag out the other tags before I do make editable, but it would be more convenient to be able to apply modifiers individually.

Just a thought.
I think that feature request is technically not possible since the modifiers always depend on the result of the former modifier. The polygon mesh is pushed from one modifier to the next.

The only modifier which would be eliminateable would be the first modifier. It would be possible to burn it's result in it's parent polygon object.

But it is not possible to burn the last modifier or a modifier from within the middle into it's parent polygon object.