Issues with shading on exported c4d objects in C3d


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I exported a model from c4d as obj.file to Cheetah 3D. Now i want to add a Material on the objects (tiles, which should look similar - one texture for all tiles)
By adding the material on the tiles, the texture doesn't wrap around one object. The texture goes smoothly over all textured objects.
In the added picture you can see the two textured tiles on the left side and two cubes on the right side. The cubes have the result i want. The procedure of adding the texture on both object groups was exactly the same. Thats why i don't understand the huge difference.

I hope someone can help me with that issue.
Thank you


frank beckmann

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Hi and Welcome.
The looking depends on the UV-map - you can check UVs by selecting the objects (one at the time) and open the UV-editor. To get a similar result use the UV-mapper to generate new UV-map in cubic projection - don´t forget to click: Write UV coords:
Here´s a quick introduction to the UV-mapper tool: