Camera resolution (version 7.3.1)

frank beckmann

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Martin has to adjust the icons for the dark mode. Thanks to Apple - a company that puts 14 billions of dollars into research and development. :sick:

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Don't tell me! Over the past month, I installed my Mojave on my computer and I was constantly restarting in sleep mode. 4 days ago, I accidentally turned off the App Nap function and the error was cleared. I am very happy with the developments as well. :confused:
In the meantime, you can just edit the numbers in the text fields next to that control.

I didn't even know this control existed, because I always put in the numbers directly.


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If you use a lot of different pre-set sizes, you can also use my script. I'm constantly forgetting the pixel dimensions, so I made this (with the help of several people on the forums). This one is set to 16:9, but you can update the values to any ratio or entries that you like. Just update them in the array (for the pull down list display) and then in the function so it sends the correct values to the rendering engine.

The only two caveats are:
- This only works on the active renderer, it would have to be run again for the non-active renderer after switching.
- There is a limited number of selections that can be in the list at one time. You can always duplicate the script and rename it if you want a choice between different aspect ratios.