Happy Halloween


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Instead of Quick and Dirty it’s Painfully slow and still dirty.
Definitely Nothing to knock your socks off . . . Yet!
I still Hate Mediocracy but thought it was time I posted one of my projects . . .
It’s still WIP:
Improvements need to be made on the Pumpkin’s Shape especially its top and bottom -
The Booleans aren’t correct and
The Lighting is a mess.
So . . . what can I say except: “Some day . . .maybe.”

The Gif is just a quick and dirty example of the lighting being made to flicker inside the pumpkin,
the Outside lighting being made to become a bit more intense and
the sudden appearance of the inside Black matt showing through the cut-outs.
In reality the inside of the Pumpkin shouldn't look black but
I wanted to show the handsomeness of the C3D Logo.

“Happy Halloween”

My Best
 Forum C3D Pumpkin Lite Animate 4.2018-11-01 17_06_21.gif


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Thank you shift, uncle808us, ZooHead and Swizl. I so appreciate your encouragement!

I started with the idea that I could quickly put something together to demonstrate the versatility of Cheetah 3D . . .
and offer salutations to the Forum.
I also wanted to thank the whole Forum for their tuts, advise and for their questions that
I actually needed answering myself.

I was going to post my .jas file in hopes it would help other’s who were working with Booleans, Symmetry,
Multiple Matts on one or multiple Meshes and Lighting . . . including Animated lighting.
I also wanted to help others with Modifiers and the importance of Modifier and Matt hierarchies.

As of now I still need to put more work into the project.
I just don’t have enough time right now.
I really want to complete something for Christmas but I thought I could squeeze in a quick Halloween salutation.
(There is no such thing as quick for me.
No matter how much I urge my Brain to work quickly it insists on remaining laid-back.:giggle:)

I hope to pursue this project further but I’m going to try for Christmas now.

I have projects started for:
Encouragement in stressful Times

Still hoping to knock your socks off someday.

@ Shift and Swizl: I really like your new Avatars.

My Best
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This is a Gif of an Animation Render of an example using Movie files (.Mov) inside of Cheetah.
(The candle flame animates too jerky here because it is a quick and dirty gif I made.
In the actual movie the flame is a smoother flicker)

I ran into problems trying to use a .mov file of a flickering flame with a transparency background that I made in Motion.
I suspect I used wrong settings when I tried to export the movie from Motion.

Again the inside of the Pumpkin should be the color of the Cut-out edge not black.

I’ll have to look into that later.

My Best
C3D Logo Boolean 9A2 Sec 13.2018-11-02 11_24_56.gif



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Thanks miso!
I appreciate your encouragement very much.
I am glad I was able to temporarily hide some flaws in order to at least post this for Halloween.
I wanted to add more to the scene and put a stem on the pumpkin.
If I pulled the Pumpkin up close one would see I really need to start over.
At least it wasn't a complete failure and all of your encouraging words compel me forward.

@ Swizl
I really like that Pumpkin Lighting 4 one
I was somewhat pleased at that happy accident also. I'm glad you liked it also.

My Best


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* Dear Jeanny
* You are a highly competent and creative 3D modeller.
* Please stop selling your talents short. You skill is superior to that of many other 3D users.
:p Take pride in your excellent work and don't apologise. Of course, there is always some room for improvement, but "tomorrow is another day", as a Southern belle of some cinematographic fame warbled in Atlanta, GA. What does not work today can be fixed the next day.
* Hi from this side of the big pond.


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My Granny instincts would like to expound more on my feelings but
then I get too mushy and that seems to make people squirm; so . . .

Thanks again to all who have helped me with info and encouragement.
You all are like family to me!

My Granny couldn’t help but add the following salutations to all Forum members:

Granny's can do that:giggle:

My Best