Camera Moves should be undoable


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I don't know how many times I've been burned by this, but it's a lot. I wouldn't mind if undo included all changes to views, but the fact that you can move a camera and the change isn't recoverable is horrible. I've abandoned changes and reverted files losing lots of work many times because I accidentally screwed up a camera.
The pose tag just records Position/Rotation/Scale and don´t help with other properties like with field-of-view or zoom e.g.
Camera properties are just undo/able if another view is executed BTW.



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That's the default behavior in Modo. I couldn't understand what was happening at first. All of my undo's were being eaten up by the camera movements. So I had to adjust for that pretty quickly and start using perspective only for moving around a scene.

I think it would be good as a preference toggle if possible. I typically only set the camera position at the very end, so it hasn't bothered me much in C3d. Since I started with C3d and have been using it for a decade, I didn't have anything else to compare it to anyway.


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I wouldn’t mind it if a sequence of camera moves is treated as a single action for purposes of undo, or if there were a separate undo buffer for camera moves, but it’s kind of nuts that if I explicitly move the camera I can undo it, but if I implicitly or accidentally move it, I can’t.

And I’m well aware of the pose tag workaround. You shouldn’t need a workaround for such a basic activity.


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* I frequently (well, almost always), use a "Camera Main" and a cluster of "Camera WIPs" (where WIP = work in progress). The main camera is generally locked.
* I have set up a number of empty C3D.jas templates where useful camera templates (front, side, top, axonometry if required) are available for copy and paste. The templates also contain other settings (resolution, background, some standard materials, specific layers I use) which I use habitually / to maintain continuity in a specific project.
* I also save the WIP stages reasonably regularly / manually with the "save as" menu command and a numeric iterative suffix. If - inadvertently - I move my prime camera I can always go to the last .jas and just copy the camera without losing any intermittent work. Unless, of course, I edited the params for the camera itself. In which case I just have to copy&paste the parameters.
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As you should know, I am aware of all these workarounds. I shouldn’t need a workaround for something this important.

If I adjust a camera, clumsily, by adjusting its properties, I can undo it. But if I adjust it intuitively by changing the camera view interactively I can’t. This flat out sucks.