Problem importing FBX files downloaded from Mixamo


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Not only does it not import properly, but it seems to leave the animation system in a weird state where the file only has one or two keyframes no matter how I change the take duration or frame rate, or even if I create a new take and jump out and back.

Note that this file was JUST downloaded from Mixamo. Older files I have from Mixamo work just fine, so I suspect it's the FBX version.


That file is a pretty strange file. I've never seen a file which saves the take length like that. Nevertheless I've made it working and it should come in properly in the final v7.3.1.
I would add that fbx or obj exported from C3D won’t import successfully into Mixamo. You need to first import into Blender and export from Blender as a fbx. It then works in Mixamo.