Option to Change Render Manager Background Colour

Shift Studio

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Upon updating to Mohave and using Darkmode, I see the Render Manager's background colour is a dark grey.
This is fine in most cases probably, but I'm often rendering with a transparent background to be composited in Photoshop, sometimes on white.
The light grey from the past was close enough, but it would be nice to be able to set the background colour in preferences or maybe by right-clicking in the Render Manger itself.

This functionality was also proposed here >> https://www.cheetah3d.com/forum/index.php?threads/12730/. So, I'm not the only one who'd like it.
Thanks for considering!
--Shift Studio.


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If you set up the background color in the camera setting to transparency (set opacity to 0) you will should get the same results as the version before, no matter if the background is or was light greyed or dark mode blah... - its the same result....

And you can also change the dark mode into the light mode :)