Virtual 2 Reality

Thanks Hasdrubal

It's still so early in the year that good flying weather is rare, but hopefully we will have a somewhat fair day soon.
In the interim, I have been working on the hatch area and I just finished the V1.1 prints last night.
220044_f314a2fdbd2255f924a558c866be1661.jpg 220043_3ff8697e3e875025e85ca682d9332e2b.jpg 220042_0f9234c0f5d7b2c5e01cb3321d965369.jpg

Here is a quick animation showing the two separate hatches and the electronics bay. There is a ton of room in there so you could use a wide range of batteries and still get it to balance.

Once you have your electronics installed you should only ever have to use one hatch to swap your battery. The other hatch would only be used if you had to service something later.

It will not only look better, but be more function friendly too. I am also going to create a higher detail canopy that I can 3D print and just swap out with the foam board hatch canopy. A 3D printed nose cone and munitions are on the to do list as well.
I had a chance to maiden the Eagle today. I have not flown anything in almost 6 months and I decide to get back into the grove by attempting to fly a completely new airframe.:cautious:

All ended well though, no crashes. I was nervous as all get out though. I think I forgot to breath for at least a good 60 seconds or so. I did record the maiden flight, but I had the camera pointed too high and pretty much just recorded sky for 7 minutes. :poop:

My second flight I moved it down a little lower, although I should have gone lower still.
Sorry for the crap footage. It was windy and still getting used to flying again so all of the cool stuff I was doing was a mile in the air.:rolleyes: I plan to make a full day of flying Tuesday, I will try to get better footage then.

Finally, I stated a new build as well...
This will be a fun one.(y)
I had a few more flights the other day and decided to mess around with iMovie...
FYI: the quiet part at around 1:00 was not slow motion. I just had a good headwind and this airframe can really handle slow flight.(y)

Again, just messing around.:)
I have started the painting process...
This was a little demo video of my painting process I did for my RC pals.
Nothing special, just thought I would share it here.
The build is done...
I had a few build errors, but it turned out pretty good. This is just a prototype anyway.
I still have to install the electronics, but when I get some flight video I will post it.
It's always nice when you get a new machine and get a speed bump. My dad always told me Pilots have a need for speed! :D
I will be honest, my heart sank a little when I hit the "purchase" button. After the sticker shock wore off and I actually started using it I had no regrets though.

This was long overdue.