camera nera/far clip

Just wondering if there are any new ideas in this area? I want to render the far elements separate from the closer elements. (its a huge dirt plane and the camera is low)

--shift studio.


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Shift, have you tried using the objects on different layers for render passes? Just an idea though, as I haven't used the layering system in C3d yet.

Possibly using the G-Buffer in Falcon renderer? Again, I don't know much about it other than some articles I've read about doing render passes for the z depth and then compositing and editing in another app.
Hi Swizl,
I've used layers, but usually don't. The amount of interaction (and some intersection) between the different elements means it would be too complicated to get what I need - actually probably couldn't - same goes for render tags.

Hmm the g-buffer eh? I barely have an idea what that is - I think it creates a depth map. Unsure How I'd use it, but its something to think about!
--Shift Studio.