I remember when you started here on the forum, with some members giving you grief for not looking photographic enough. You have certainly proven those few naysayers short-sighted. Keep it up Terry G! Your vision and ability inspire many... myself included.


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Thanks Greg. I came across some of my very early 3D work the other day, it looked a bit rough I must say, and I liked it at the time. Funny how ones vision changes.


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I love this one :love:! It is my favorite.
The Teddy Bear has a big influence on my choice of favorites . . .
but I also like the gentle look on the man's face, the few out of place wispy hairs on this head,
the glasses you chose to put on his face and the other special effects:
as Zoohead pointed out - his facial stubble and chest hair.


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This one is a caricature of a friend of the client. He has a teddy under his arm because he's 40 and still lives with his parents. I'm not sure what the purpose of this is, but normally it's just something to hang on the office wall which is good for a laugh from the people that know him. I very rarely do caricatures.
Sorry Terry, my question was far from clear. What I actually wanted to know what kind of reference you had. Was it a photography from the guy or an already finished caricature in 2d?
Thanks a lot.

Actually you should do more caricatures. You nailed the guy in a friendly, nice way (often caricatures are a bit nasty), and now that I know the quite meager reference I can appreciate your model even more. It's really well done (and your work says not only something about the person shown but about you, too)..

But as an aside: While it's really interesting to actually see the reference (and I didn't hope for it), it shouldn't be here (it even could create some legal grief as it's against his personal rights and so on). So it would be best to delete it in your post.

But it's really well done


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Thanks. I kept him friendly because I didn't want to insult him, I don't know him and he might not have liked it. There is no legal problems, it's an office gag.
I like her.

(about the legal stuff: I mean the photos here in this thread of the guy you put in to show me. The caricature isn't the problem, but the photos of the person. My crit is not even that's not legal (it isn't. You are not allowed to use photos of anybody except in a few circumstances or with persons of intererest). It's more like: I for sure wouldn't want to have my pictures flying around in the net. That's why I asked you to delete that attachement).