scale keyframes

scale keyframes

Has anyone written a "scale keyframes" script - to scale a group of keyframes in time holding either the first keyframe or last keyframe where it is, and "rubber-band"ing the other keyframes toward that keyframe? In After Effects, this is done by selecting kfs and option-dragging downward or upward, and it is a great feature. I'm going to either need to write a script for Cheetah to do this, or write an export/import keyframes script.
Thoughts? Scripts?

Thanks in advance


[p.s. here's a movie that shows what I'm talking about]
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frank beckmann

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Hiroto made a script called "F-Curve Utility.js" available, which might do what you want in terms of time-remapping. (But it's not working like in AE though)



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The scripting system gives us no capability to drive the user interface beyond buttons and inputs in the tool panel so there’s only so much we can do to address shortcomings in the UI (or modify the UIs behavior)