camera visible area

camera visible area

A similar topic was somewhere in the forum, but not opened as a wish. I don't know if it's available yet in v3.6

Can the camera projection be shown (on demand) when the camera is not the selected object ? I'm talking about the grey lines that define the area that would be seen in the render window from this camera.

That is very very useful in at least 2 cases :

- when you try to set object position regarding to the visible area and you need other views to manipulate precisely the object (coz the object is behind another one, or because it's far from the active camera, coz many objects are close to each others, coz there are some transparency that you need to deal with and another camera helps...)

- when you try to set the position of the camera on a spline regarding to other objects. You'll be moving the splines points and its tangents while you want to see how this affect the visible area.