Folder tags, transparent shadows

Folder tags, transparent shadows

Would it be possible to make certain tags (in my case, Render) appliable to a folder, and have it apply itself to all relevant objects inside?

I ask because I've been doing some renders where I want to create a transparent shadow for a png on the web, like my with avatar. What I do is I render one transparent version without shadows, render one with the "primary rays" option for the objects turned off and a white background plane to catch the shadows, and then put everything together in Photoshop. This works fine for simple scenes, but with complex ones that's a LOT of Render tags to have to turn on and off.

Thinking about it now, I'm also envisioning some kind of property that would make a surface transparent EXCEPT for shadows cast on it. Think of how convincing HDRI scenes would be... :wink:
switch for secondary reflexion

Yep, that would be nice.

Talking about the render tag, could it be possible to have a switch for secondary reflexion ? i.e. I'd like to have in the image only the primary reflexion rendered.

It's not aimed necessarily at realistic rendering.

It's very convenient for pseudo-realistic images that you want to keep simple to understand (no secondary reflexion that interfere with the main object).

Another example : I have objects between 2 non-flat and reflective surfaces. This generates many ghost images of my objects, physically correct but graphically no desired.