Hi Frank,
I do as the demo says: I make an object (a box), I call the Cracker script, and then I'm stuck because the tool doesn't stay in the tool pane while I select the box, so it's impossible to hit the select button. Well, I can hit it of course, but there is no effect. And after that it usually freezes.

I upgraded to the b23, but this doesn't help.

As you notice from the attached screen shots "Polygon script" shows up in the objects list and not as a tool when the box is selected. Strange, no?

Help is appreciated as this is the exact effect I'm looking for : )

Thanks so much!




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Hi David, looks like you have the script in the wrong folder,
it's a tool script so it goes in the tool folder. Works fine here.

Exactly! Which is why it now works perfectly. :D Sorry for the obvious mistake, this was my first venture into scripts.

Thanks so much for your rapid responses!

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