Cheetah3d Xmas 2016 Contest: "Where Is Frank?"

frank beckmann

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Cheetah3d Xmas 2016 Contest: "Where Is Frank?"

Find Frank, its coordinates and get the chance of winning one Cheetah3d-Easteregg-In-Winter video as a price. Send the coordinates of the quadrant as a PM to my account which will be online for that purpose only.
The contest runs 1 week till Dec.30th
Hint: Download the image and open it in in full screen mode 1:1
If I get more than one right answer I decide by drawing lots.

Good luck and Merry Christmas! :p


PS: warning: huge image file (2560x1200px)
Xmas wishes from an ol' friend ;-)

haha Frank you always da man... Merry Xmas to you, Martin and all the nice folks (old and new) around here! Missing the old days of c3d fun more than often, specially for all the great guys and gals I've been lucky to meet here



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Great to see you back here Surfing! I see what you're up to on Twitter occasionally. Your website looks really good too. Regards to you and your family.

Frank, I haven't had a chance to exam the image on a computer yet. Just been on an iPad since I'm out of town away from my desktop.

frank beckmann

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Here´s the solution:

Some infos about the setup:
The scene contains a very large Voronoi cluster plane with 9000 tiles which is tapered towards the camera to get the most of it in the camera view. The plane is the base for the placement of 8 different low-poly characters (ca. 400 polygons each) of different poses and gender. Coloring by simple polygon selections with variants due the random possibility of the instance node filtered by gradients to achieve certain hue range for skin, jeans, tops, T-shirts etc.

Thanks for participating and a
Happy New Year 2017!




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:D :icon_thumbup:

I was going to try but I don’t know what you look like.

Ha Ha! I should have figured you would identify yourself in some clever way. . .
as you did by disguising yourself as a plumber holding your famous plunger & having the Cheetah logo on your work overalls.

Accomplishing the picture took some ingenious thinking.

Thanks for making learning fun.

May your New Year be filled with Good Health and joy.