bump map

bump map

hi martin,

mein englisch ist sehr schlecht. darf ich hier in deutsch schreiben, oder ist das verboten?

ich finde das forum prima und hoffe dass viele cheetah user dieses nutzen.

zu meiner frage, wie kann ich einem objekt (beispiel quader), nur eine seite davon mit einem motiv (bild) belegen?

hi martin,

my english is very bad, may I in german write here, or is it forbidden?

I find the forum great and hope that many cheetah user of this

my question: how I can occupy an object (example right
parallelepiped), only one page by it with a motive (picture)?

I think your question in english is:

"how can I apply an Image (texture) to only one surface of an object for example, a parallelogram?"

If this is what you want;...
I had a go at this, but I'm just new to Cheetah, and I've half forgotten what I did! ;-)
Make a SuperMat Material and import your image into the colour texture section.

Make the object (I used a Box)

Go to Polygon mode (the third) click on the surface you want and then apply the material. If you want to select more than one surface, hold down the shift key when you click on the surfaces. When you have finished go back to Object Mode.


I won't forbid posting in german but I would welcome if you post in english. Even if your english is not perfect. So everybody can participate in your "topic". Mixing up the forum with differnt languages would be a little bit confusing too.

Now the solution to your problem:
1. Create a box
2. Make the box editable by double clicking on the box icon in the object browser.
3. In the properties editor choose "polygonselection=1"
4. Now select the polygons in the 3D view to which you want to map your image.
5. In the properties editor choose "polygonselection=0". So you can't alter you polygon selection for the material any more.
6. Create the material (SuperMat) and load in the image.
7. Attach the material to your box by dragging and dropping it on the box icon in the object browser.
8. A material tag now appears behind the box object.
9. In the MaterialTag properties choose "Selection=1" (Auswahl=1)
10. Now the material will be limited to the polygons you've selected under the polygon selection 1.

See also the attached example file. Or the "soccer ball" tutorial.

If you run in problems you can't solve yourself you can still contact me via email in german.




Another bump map question. The following steps on a little test image produced an apparent bump map anomaly.

1. I imported a 3ds file from Sketchup (half of an arched wall)
2. I mirrored the half-arch to create a full open arch in a wall and applied a bump map to the whole object. All the normals are facing out.
3. Half of the bump map is positive, extruded outwards, and half of it is negative, extruded inwards.

I tried this same proceedure with objects created entirely in Cheetah3D and got the same result.

I don't think this should happen. Am I missing something?

BTW, I think you are developing a great program and am amazed you've done it by yourself.
Hi John,
I tried to recreate that behaviour. But I faild. It always worked correctly. Could you possible mail me a small example scene which shows that effect. That would probably help me.

Many thanks in advance,