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  1. ZooHead

    Fan Cage

    You have to show me where you saw that. I corrected the original with an Optimize command, so I can't go back to find the mistake. In the corrected version there are only n-gons on the tube ends that I filled and creased. This mistake is a product of Cheetah's handling of Booleans where two...
  2. H

    Fan Cage

    "That n-gon"? In the first pic I spotted 3, in the corrected you can see that there were more on the downside. Catmull-Clark handles these things really well (the same for the 6 star poles I myself usually would try to avoid, but here they do not cause any harm. As I didn't want to nitpick again...
  3. C

    Lathe a spoon

    Thanks! I'll spend time on this, too. I've included the photo in previous reply to Frank.
  4. G

    Lathe a spoon

    ...length and roughly the diameter of the "handle". Make it editable. Add a subdivision modifier with the default of 2 iterations and Catmull-Clark scheme. Add/remove/scale ring cuts along the length to create the desired profile., using a minimum of ring cuts. Play with the number of...
  5. H

    Hole on a curve

    ...bit saner). And while I'm at it: For such a model, imho the polycount is rather high (which is something I do much too often myself); Catmull-Clark is an industry standard that's available in all 3d apps I ever tested, so all of them are as forgiving as Cheetah. That said, I find it kind...
  6. EllenM

    How to model a golf ball?? I have no clue

    ...and click+drag to your liking) (Laplacian-smooth is optional - but not easy to adjust the right values) Select all Polygons - Inner-extrude=click for offset, add shift key+mouse drag to left for inset value - repeat this one more time Add SubDiMo (Catmull-Clark, 2 iterations) and material.
  7. E

    A Fleet of Star Destroyers....

    The engine issue is solved select quad, cover, catmull-clark subdivide a number of times. I can probably do the same for the shield generators.
  8. S

    how to do this light

  9. MonkeyT

    how to do this light

    ...see what's likely the best approach. Issues I see coming: I built this by manually modifying a box with bevelled edges, then using Catmull-Clark subdivisions to get those curved corners on the flat plane. Then, I applied three textures to the polygons of the model - basic glass, a dark...
  10. Helmut

    how to get a model with six- side like this picture?

    * @podperson * As mentioned in posting #5: * Tetrahedron + Stam-Loop + spherify. There is a bit on the differences Catmull-Clark vs Stam-Loop in a thread from 2010.
  11. ZooHead

    UV Painting Project and Hellboy build

    That's the way I did it the first time when I started building the cylinder. Very fast, but the SubDiv Catmull - Clark does something very annoying if you want a complete and perfect curve. At the end of a curve the last segment is straight, not on the curve vector anymore.
  12. ZooHead

    UV Painting Project and Hellboy build

    Long ago I realized any flat area can have tris or ngons without consequence when box modeling. (All tris and ngons are turned into quads under the magic of Catmull and Clark.) Even so I always try to make all quads if for no other reason than better loop and ring selection. But this is the...
  13. ZooHead

    Some Newbie questions

    ...of both techniques. 2- The coarseness of the mesh is directly related to the finest detail you need, like fingernails. You can add a Catmull-Clark Subdivision to the model and reduce the Subdivision Modifier to gain more actual detail. 3- If the model is one color or all solid colors...
  14. ZooHead

    Bevel in boolean seams

    I remember that. As a mater of fact I just did that to make the hex background but I used Catmull Clark this time. I totally forgot it preserved tris. :rolleyes: I'll see if I can find that tutorial. Skew a grided plane to make diamonds, then select all edges, catmull clark it to make the...
  15. joel ruiz c

    Bevel in boolean seams

    I haven't used Sam Loop much, the few times I tried it it didn't seem to affect the final shape differently from Catmull Clark so I kept using the later, but that's an interesting find.
  16. ZooHead

    Bevel in boolean seams

    My testing shows Stam Loop does not turn all tris to quads like Catmull Clark. It will make clusters of smaller tris. Very interesting.
  17. H

    Light stand (wip)

    ...5-star-poles you always get when extruding a block out of another at the start of the extruded block, as visible in zoo's picture. With catmull-clark those are usually not a problem, in my experience some 90 % of all cases. Here it isn't. Sometimes it can result in distorted geometry and I'm...
  18. frank beckmann

    Radiolaria style organic structures?

    ...Loop/ Iteration 2 - make editable 2. Go Tools->Polygon->Simplify - Target set to 0,5 - hit Apply: 3. Add a subdivision-modifier set to Catmull-Clark/ Iteration 1 - then select all edges and make editable and go back into edge-mode to see your still selected edges 4. Go Selection->Invert...
  19. Helmut

    Overlapping Polygons - Slicing off what I don't want? (Newbie ?)

    * Maybe useful for the future: Simple Holes * use 2 x ring cuts to mark the centre of the hole * select point and inner extrude * switch to poly selection * apply Catmull&Clark 2x / 3x * delete * add shell
  20. Joel


    ...Make the box model larger than the default Box so Optimize doesn’t weld distinct points Use Blueprint and Ortho-view Bezier lines as visual guides What I am still figuring out: (See above links) Search keywords: Box model, Quad, Crease, Loop, 4-point triangle, Step-down, Flow, Catmull-Clark