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  1. ZooHead

    Spline Loft Sculpture

    ...again. I want a grid of polygons here to help in the Boolean operation for the carbon rods. I could use the Scalpel Tool and put in the edges one at a time but I like using the Bridge Tool instead. All you have to do use one of the Shell Tools either the Shell Modifier or the Shell Command.
  2. ZooHead

    Spline Loft Sculpture

    Now I simply copy and paste, Flip Normals and then I type -0.19 into the proper field in the Transform Tool panel. Then I finish up by using the Bridge Tool.
  3. ZooHead

    Newbie questions, transforming object, exporting single face of object

    ...Modifier with some of your splines, reversed sequence of spline segments to untwist and flip Normals. Set the spline Approximation Angles to 1.0. Then double click to make the object editable and use the Bridge Tool, clicking one point on one side and then the corresponding point on the...
  4. frank beckmann

    Spline tangent erased when keyframed

    I used bridge tool after deleting the confronting polygons at start/end - optimize seems to help also. Just then select edge loop to convert into splines.
  5. BillG

    Spline tangent erased when keyframed

    Yes, thanks! That is what I did. The bridge tool seems to clean up the end geometry pretty well.
  6. C

    Lathe a spoon

    Thanks, these details are greatly appreciated!
  7. ZooHead

    Lathe a spoon

    To prepare for joining, make the Spherify and Shell Modifiers editable and delete the polygons at the end. Now use Merge to make them into one object and add the three missing edges so the number of points match. Now if the point count matches, using the Bridge Tool will make only quad polys.
  8. ZooHead

    Custom Bicycle Frame

    Then you can use the Bridge Tool which will leave a trigon. Just Ringcut and Weld to get back to quads.
  9. ZooHead

    Custom Bicycle Frame

    Once you have done the merge and have you're seat post edges aligned in order to get ready for the Bridge Tool, there's one more thing to do. Fill in between the stays.
  10. ZooHead

    Hand Held Searchlight

    ...make some more to hold the two grip halves together. Subdivisions are all made editable at this point and there's no more symmetry. So first I need to sever the connection between the inside and outside surfaces in such a way as to allow me to simply use the Bridge Tool to reconnect them...
  11. misoversaturated

    Edge Bevel

    ...structure into the hole. Then the thing can be collapsed, center deleted, ring cut for finer bevel, delete again, close geometry with bridge tool, select inner rings and extrude a bit with normal move. Edit: Maybe easier: use your original setting and after boolean subtraction delete the...
  12. Charless

    Select and split mesh

    I guess I have to do it manually :eek:
  13. MonkeyT

    Select and split mesh

    ...see to do this is to select the front and back panes of each window, use Tools > Polygon > Split to break them out into their own object, then use the Bridge Tool to join the front back planes. But that will still leave some garbage polygons (the edges of the windowpanes) in the original object.
  14. ZooHead

    Extruierte Form - "oben" eine Kante drauf?

    Extrude with one end not covered, make one Ringcut around the outside. Use Normal Move to move the outside wall in, to thin the profile. Then use the Bridge tool to close the open end.
  15. ZooHead

    Boolean Pill Logo

    Now use the Bridge Tool. It won't be pretty because the number of points aren't equal between the parts. The next step is to clean up the geometry that's FUBAR.
  16. ZooHead

    Boolean Pill Logo

    Of course you must make the Booleans editable before you can edit any polygons. Then delete everything except the inner face from one Boolean, and from the other one delete just the inner face. Merge the two meshes into one object in preparation for using the Bridge Tool.
  17. ZooHead

    Bevel in boolean seams to make it a separate object. Then I used a Boolean Subtraction to trim some of the polygons from the main object. Then I merge the main object with the inner face and use the bridge tool to join them. Clean up the geometry the best you can and add the Subdivision Modifier set to Stam Loop.
  18. joel ruiz c

    Bevel in boolean seams

    I think I understand what @frank beckmann did from his explanation, pretty straight forward (delete the inner or depth face completely and the back half in order to use the symmetry tool, clean up the topology maintaining the shape as much as possible (point slide) and bridge. @ZooHead I don't...
  19. frank beckmann

    Bevel in boolean seams with rounded edges. Selecting depth polygons and the back-half and delete. Try to eliminate tris where-ever you spot them with weld tool, use point-slide to maintain edge flow. Used symmetry to get back back with gap to close the parts with bridge tool. Hope you get the idea. Cheers Frank
  20. P

    Materials question

    Trying to make a simple chair (see image). The back rails of the chair are extruded from the two uprights and then joined using the Bridge tool. When I apply a material to the rail the section which was created by the Bridge tool handles the material differently. Can anyone suggest how to...