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  1. ZooHead

    Spline Loft Sculpture

    ...a laser cutter. The usual ways of unwrapping uvs are fine for mapping graphics to an object but for laser cutting, not so much. I have been testing some new techniques using a process of Pinning points in the uv editor. With the first low poly element completed, it's obvious we are talking...
  2. B

    Animation Tips and Tricks

    That was great, Lydia!
  3. Lydia

    Animation Tips and Tricks

    ...letter (at 24 fps) and that worked pretty well right away. I only created 4 different lip movements, because I thought it would be enough for testing purposes. I know it could be much better, but Marty still has to learn how to speak. And I don't mean only the lip movements... (I hope you can...
  4. ZooHead

    Newbie questions, transforming object, exporting single face of object

    I did some more playing around and testing and Cheetah seems to be very good for this process. I made a more complex model section, selected all edges and used Selection/Toggle Seam, creating the cut lines. (green lines) I unwrapped the UVs with LSCM but it may work fine with either choice...
  5. ZooHead

    Bend Modifier Zone of Influence

    Stacking Bend Modifiers complicates things and trying to predict the outcome eludes me, so I have to rely on testing. Here I stacked BMs with the Constraint setting.
  6. ZooHead

    Custom Bicycle Frame

    ...object will take the name of that object. Changing the object orientation of the frame to the angle of the seat post is what I want now and it's also the same orientation as the head tube. Further testing shows it does work, I have so many files for this thing I'm getting a little squirrely.
  7. John B

    Cheetah3D JAS & FBX Files Don't Import into Unity 2020 or Later

    That looks like it fixed the problem, at least in my little test project. I'll do some more testing with actual UV-mapped models, but I'm cautiously optimistic. Having to export, then import into C4D, then export again after every change was getting old. THANKS! Is it OK to start using this...
  8. ZooHead

    Skylight variation

    @Charless I hardly ever use the Skylight so I'm glad when someone asks about it and gets me thinking and testing. And Frank made a suggestion that adds another tool to our toolboxes. Here I animated only the Turbidity to get a nice sunrise simulation.
  9. filip c

    Collada Camera FOV and Positioning

    Please don't ask how I got to this, my math skills are horrible, but it seems to work partially... for now... (pending decent testing, my head is about to explode and this stuff is way out of my league, so please have mercy ;) ) Focal length (Blender) = sensor size (Blender,36 as standard?) /...
  10. B

    Material Helper.js

    ...where the textures were copied to, back to the texture image path for each material in the project... I'll have to do some research and testing to see if that is possible, looks like it should be, So at some point, I may update my copy of the script to write the new path to the texture path...
  11. B

    Material Helper.js

    uncle808us, I ran into the same issue you did, when testing on my laptop... The problem you are encountering occurs when your Target Directory Path (selected from the pop-up file browser) contains spaces in any of the Folder names in the Path... I did a google search to find the best...
  12. Lydia

    Looking for assitance - simulating "cartoonish" looking wet paint animation

    Yes, I think that makes sense, the way you did it with the eyes. I'm going to try that on my Marty too. Now that Vic can look around, I think he's even more adorable.
  13. M

    Candy Wrapper Modeling Tutorial

    I love that this tutorial came in handy and you certainly pulled it off nicely, excellent job! I like that you used a squished sphere to simulate the cloth around so it would match the baby model, that was the kind of flexibility with this method I was going for. Anyway, this is a cute...
  14. B

    Looking for assitance - simulating "cartoonish" looking wet paint animation I apply better animation practices to... For eye movement, I'm not sure the best way - But, back in September, I was playing around and testing with my Vic bug, using separate eyeball objects placed in the skeleton/joint hierarchy in the head joint area. Then set Target tags on the...
  15. B

    Candy Wrapper Modeling Tutorial

    ...some tuning with a bulge modifier, a little taper, then a Twist modifier to get the twist at the top (I forgot to keep copies of some of my testing objects before I removed the soft body tag). I got the baby model and stork model as Free, from SketchFab... Cheetah3D Screenshot from my...
  16. frank beckmann

    Mirror Spline

    Ooopsi - I was testing this but forgot to select at least one node as it just works in point-mode. :eek:
  17. B

    Looking for assitance - simulating "cartoonish" looking wet paint animation

    ...foot of the Cheetah3D alien character (I'm still working on the two characters for my video but will be 2 legged characters)... I'm just testing with one foot now, but plan to use whatever method for both feet. What I have thus far looks alright but maybe I'm going about this wrong or need...
  18. ZooHead

    Interior Lighting Experiments

    @Daemoc Thanks for starting this thread. I've wondered how to deal with inside lighting like this but haven't really done any testing. I look forward to see what you come up with. @Hasdrubal I wish there was a way get the HDRI lighting to emanate from only inside a room. Can you maybe turn the...
  19. Daemoc

    Interior Lighting Experiments

    ...This is one area I have a lot to learn. I should also note that this particular scene is just a combination of models I threw together for testing. The majority of the bathroom items are from my home remodel project, the room itself is just a quick sketch and the character was from a game I...
  20. Daemoc

    Interior Lighting Experiments

    ...when using HDRI's as lighting with exterior shots, but the interiors are a completely different animal. There are just too many settings and testing these settings can take hours to render. I have been at these for days... Is it better to leave the light values close to 1 and adjust the...